Thanks to Justin for the studio space, assistance and to Carol C for the talent.


This is how Hondurans do it at times. #bighair


Sometimes I miss my wild mane 😩 // PC: @iam_unorthadaks

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Beer and a shot! #brotime

Layered in post.

A separation of colors and light.

Lock it up even on the train.

Kimbo’s first water experience.

Total chill for Monday.

I’m really trying to get this pic up on the big screen in Times Square. Order a shirt and I’m automatically in. If you do order please send me a pic.

See | jonfreeze #seemetakeover

Just intense, this pic does not do it justice. #brooklyn (at Brooklyn, NYC, NY, USA)

New friends on rooftops in #brooklyn

Spike Lee pop up shop in Fort Greene.

Church on the street in Bed-Stuy