In transit.

That time @carolcnyc let me mix in a record at the W Hotel downtown, but the mixer was jacked. Lol

I’m really loving this picture because it’s very cold on one side and then your attention hits the heat.

Loving my city through thick and thin, always!

Tonight’s sunset was fierce. It’s also the harvest moon and a full one at that. Too many clouds at the time, but maybe it’ll clear up and I’ll get to shoot it later this evening.

Kitty cat rawr!

Rear view mirror

Yo, I’m looking at you jlasoulislive for this one. We should all go together.


Saddle blossoms is a new campaign aiming to turn abandoned bike seats into public urban planters.

Recycled seats

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Classic, like the bass line that has always been revealed.


Roni Size - Brown Paper Bag

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Wonderful sounds for the long weekend. Let’s chill


What’s up? I’m 25 now. Here’s a new demo/rough mix.

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My new sounds:

Last night’s view from happy hour with DJ Carol C.